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Sky Photos

from around the world

earth and sky
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All Members , Moderated
This community was started by i as a place for people who take pictures of beautiful skies that don't fit in with the theme of sky_light because they include landscape. Feel free to post pictures that include landscaping, as long as the sky is the main theme of the picture.

*Try to keep text to a minimum, preferably in the subject line or comments
*Any image larger than 600 pixels wide be behind a cut.
*Any post with more then one image in it, use a cut for all but the first image
*Only post images you have taken yourself. no found images, copyrighted or not. This is for sharing your own sky, not something out of a magazine or off a website.
*If you choose criticism, please make sure its constructive and also please leave a positive comment about the picture, and then leave your constructive criticism/improvement comment.

If you need help with a cut, please see FAQ 75, to make a cut